4th Beijing Film Festival

Ο Γιώργος Τσεμπερρόπουλος και η παραγωγός της ταινίας Ελένη Κοσσυφίδου στο Φεστιβάλ του Πεκίνου

(…) Spanish producer Andres Vicente Gomez, Irish director Jim Sheridan, Chinese director Lu Chuan, Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta, French filmmaker Philippe Muyl and Indian director Rajkumar Hirani will make up the John Woo-led jury to decide the event’s Tiantan Awards at the Beijing fest.

The jury was announced at an event in Beijing, attended by senior Chinese industry figures including Luan Guozhi, the deputy head of the Film Bureau, who is vice secretary-general of the organizing committee.

There will be market screenings and the total value of contracts signed during the market is expected to exceed last year’s $1.4 billion.

By the deadline at the end of 2013, 837 films from 88 countries had registered to compete for the festival’s Tiantan Awards, and after three rounds of selection, 15 out of the 837 entries advanced to the Competition Section.

STORY: John Woo to Head Jury at Beijing Film Festival

The films selected include the French films A Promise by Patrice Leconte and Attila Marcel bySylvain ChometCarmen, directed by Romanian director Doru Nitescu, the Serbian filmCircles, directed by Srdan GolubovicHope by the South Korean director Lee Joon-ik andAnthony Chen’s Singaporean film Ilo Ilo.

It also includes the Georgian film In BloomMatterhorn by Diederik Ebbinge, the India-Canada joint production SiddharthThe Enemy Within by Yorgos TsemberopoulosKim Mordaunt’sThe Rocket, the Belgian movie Third PersonZoran, My Nephew the Idiot by director Matteo Oleotto, and Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmaster and Peter Chan’s Partner. (…)




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